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We have partnered with the Center for Science and Public Interest to create a visual poem that expresses the detriment people of color have faced over the last 400 years. From slaves working in the sugar cane field to becoming slaves of the sugar in our diet. We aren’t in the fields anymore but the harm and the oppression is still there. Sign up and be the first to see 400 Years when it debuts . 

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Bridging the Health and Wellness Gap between Corporations and Redline Communities 

Wassup Té is a health and wellness Limited Liability Company proactively working with businesses and nonprofit organizations to shine a light on issues that affect underserved communities.

Through art, music, film and literature, we will bring forth the complex causes and detriments of living unhealthy. At the same time elaborate on the benefits of converting to a healthier lifestyle. These methods have been proven to make digesting educational content more palatable and leave a long lasting impact on the individual. 

How do we change the disproportionate health problems in minority communities? Better access to healthcare, unbiased doctors, routine check ups, preventative health measures, and access to fresh fruits and vegetables are all imperative to our growth as a nation. 

Now we're implementing a creative approach to address a few of these issues with awareness, education and action planning. Join us on a healthy lifestyle upgrade. Let's work together to incorporate the arts into a balanced lifestyle with exercise, healthy eating habits and mental health awareness. 
This platform will host shows, interviews, artwork, inspirational poetry, music, new books, and more! Get ready to learn how to think outside of YOUR box with

Join our family and the fight to bring a healthier lifestyle to the people! #MoreWater is synonymous with the idea that we need to constantly be growing and learning. The more water you consume the better, the same goes for knowledge. Water in the body is watering the mind. 

Who is Té?

Té wants his artwork, music, films and poetry to entice raw emotions and inspire healthier lifestyles. He is ushering in a new generation of open thinkers and healthy eaters. Pushing people to begin their journey to self-actualization. Té is a Poet/Lyricist, Artist, Film Maker, Creative Director and proud Washington, D.C. native.

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We're Thankful for Our Partners' Testimonies 

"Té is an extraordinarily gifted artist who uses brilliant wordplay, soaring metaphors, and hip-hop rhythms to shine a light on the truth and touch the soul. His voice is unique and powerful."

Nancy Fink

Nancy Fink

Campaign Manager, Sugary Drinks, Center for Science in the Public Interest

"De'vante (Té) is a superbly talented cultural truth-teller, poet and artist. He sees through the surface of things to the beating heart of the issue. He can weaponize a metaphor and sharpen its edge to razor-thin. I am so grateful that he uses his world-changing powers for good. He has a moral true north, forged from a life of active social critique, keen observation, and a well-earned lack of tolerance for nonsense."

Laura MacCleery Policy Director, Center for Science and Public Interest

Laura MacCleery

Policy Director, Center for Science and Public Interest 

"Té Speight is an unparalleled creative force with the unique ability to translate complex social issues into poetry that cuts to the heart - both the heart of the problem and the heart of his audience. His voice can be an asset to any organization fighting for justice and yearning to truly connect with communities who are most impacted."

 Lauren Shweder Biel Director, DC Greens

Lauren Shweder Biel

Director, DC Greens

“It is rare to find an artist like Te who chooses to use his incredible gifts to advance important health causes. In two minutes or less, Te can synthesize complex public health issues into powerful spoken word pieces that leave people with no choice but to act.”

Joelle Johnson, Campaign Manager for Healthy Food Access, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Joelle Johnson

Campaign Manager for Healthy Food Access, Center for Science in the Public Interest