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I appreciate you spreading the word about my website launch. I want to share information, news, poetry, and more with as many people as possible. 

Who is Wassup Té?

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Té wants his artwork, music, and poetry to entice raw emotions and inspire the mass. He is ushering in a new generation of open thinkers, helping people begin their journey to self-actualization. Té is a visionary. Carrying titles such as advocate, entrepreneur, poet, creative director, writer and Washington, D.C. native. 

WassupTe is a privately owned health and wellness consulting and lobbying agency that partners with both non profit and for profit entities to heighten the awareness of social injustices in redlined communities.

De'Vanté Speight

Artist - Poet - Author- Producer 


Center for Science in the Public Interest Policy Director

"De'vante is a superbly talented cultural truth-teller, poet and artist. He sees through the surface of things to the beating heart of the issue. He can weaponize a metaphor and sharpen its edge to razor-thin. I am so grateful that he uses his world-changing powers for good. He has a moral true north, forged from a life of active social critique, keen observation, and a well-earned lack of tolerance for nonsense."

Laura MacCleery

Policy Director, Center for Science and Public Interest


"Té Speight is an unparalleled creative force with the unique ability to translate complex social issues into poetry that cuts to the heart - both the heart of the problem and the heart of his audience. His voice can be an asset to any organization fighting for justice and yearning to truly connect with communities who are most impacted." 

Lauren Shweder Biel

Director, DC Greens


"Té is an extraordinarily gifted artist who uses brilliant wordplay, soaring metaphors, and hip-hop rhythms to shine a light on the truth and touch the soul. His voice is unique and powerful."

Nancy Fink

Campaign Manager, Sugary Drinks CSPI