About Us

Mission :
Our mission is to use media, music, and art in a way to educate underserved communities on the basics and complexities of living a healthier lifestyle. We, at Wassup Té, understand the emphatic need for more information in redline communities. We have also witnessed original forms of health education become mundane and repetitive. The consistency of mass incarceration and steady increase in diabetes and obesity in America shows that the former ways of health and wellness education are not doing an adequate job. We feel that highlighting the complex causes and detriments of living unhealthy while elaborating on the benefits of converting to a healthier lifestyle will have a long-lasting impact on the individual. Through art, music, film, and literature it has been proven to make digesting educational content more palatable. Health and wellness fundamentally start with repetition. Hip-Hop is a proven method of repetition, whether it be a beat or a “rhyme lyric” it sticks with its listener for a lifetime. We use music as a form of art to teach our children their ABCs and 123’s. Wassup Té is incorporating the same techniques to resonate with teens and adults.

Vision :
The Wassup Té platform will become a new way of health education for all people by amalgamating with businesses and individual experts in health, medicine, and policy. Our company will combine educational information with hip hop, art, music, and film to build a creative and engaging learning tool. Wassup Té is also a new space for instructors who are eager to educate underserved communities in new and exciting ways. We aspire to be a safe haven for all people, especially those coming from underserved communities and prisons.

Values :
The website for paid subscribers will feature expertise based on science and experience from national corporations like CSPI including testimonies and advice from doctors, dietitians, professional trainers, congress members, marketing specialists, and more.
Wassup Té will provide engagement and speaking services from experts in all health fields.
Pop up performances and visual work-out plans that you can do right in your home.