Men Need Love Too

Men need love too.

We can never ask to be held.

No one gives us hugs, just to give us hugs.

Who do we go to for consoling?

Never had a father hold me - grandpa none of that.

Never been loved from that place.

The world is on our shoulders,

and the days get colder and colder.

The older you get, the more people expect from you.

They expect so much from you.

They demand the utmost.

My friends keep dying and nobody cares.

No one calls to check up unless they want something.

Hugs are so important.

Hug your children. Love them.

Kiss your kids.

Embrace them.

Tell them they're important.

Tell them that they're loved.

It carries throughout life.

My heart is heavy and nobody knows because I can't show it.

No time for that time on the grind.

Ps and Oz gotta be on my Ps and Qs.

And these women care nothing bout you.