Abolish the Electoral College (need edits returned

Abolish the electoral college.

As prescribed in the constitution,

American presidents are elected, not by the people,

but by the peoples electors.


Gotta read the fine line.


Imagine if the 3 point line was still a 2 point line.

All of the history that would be changed

if Magic, Byrd, Jordan and James,

Shaquille and Steph Curry only had a mid-game range.

In 100+ years of basketball how would the game have ever changed ?


Now apply the same mind frame with

our Democracy, the constitution and the presidential race.

A little over 200 years ago America decided that any state that held an (overly vast amount) of slaves should be giving an extra political saying.

So they made not a voting man, but three fifths of a white man from a slave.

Giving them in return

that is each state with an (overly vast amount) of slaves

A heavier weigh in when deciding the presidential race.


I’m no historian but I’m sure history would say

That any place with an overly vast amount slaves was probably a very racist place

(I’m just saying Georgia, its Texas, its Florida)

these are the electoral voting states that we still agree should carry the majority of our race.

These are the Rules and regulations from 1820.

That we still live by today.


There’s is for sure some form of revolution at hand

I think it’s fair to say that Americas democracy is in need a 3 point line .


Imagine if the 3 point line was a two point line

Imagine the history that’d be changed

If magic Byrd

Jordan and James

Wilt Bill Shaq and Steph curry only had a mid-range

In 100 years of basketball how would there have ever been change.


Now apply the same mind frame with our democracy , the electoral college and the presidential race.


The 1776 constitution no longer fits this country or its people and it should be moved to be changed immediately.